Nortel around town!

Nortel around town!

Meridian 7310 - a familiar sight in Tampa austin
Nortel Meridian 7310, a familiar sight in Tampa

Do you ever look at what telephones a business or restaurant has when you are visiting? Well, we do! CSM services all sorts of businesses, from hotels to restaurants, accountants to zoos! When our staff is around town we look at what telephones are behind the desk. All types of phones can be seen, including such brands that you may scratch your head at- Win, Executone, Atlas, Salta, Saturn, and a host of small manufacturers that are no longer in business.  Many times, however,  it is not an unknown brand, but a Nortel phone! Sometimes one sees the Nortel T series, but more often than not it is the older M series telephones that we see chugging away. These Nortel M7208 and T7316 telephones were built great, and many are still working well. Literally millions of Nortel phones were made from the early ’90s until 2010 when the company was purchased by Avaya. These phones may be branded as Bell South, Bell, Meridian, Nortel, Norstar, or a few other names, but all have the same, familiar look.

Often, businesses are not aware that they can be re-deployed as part of an Avaya IP Office phone system install. These hardy Nortel phones can be installed on special modules that allow them to function along with, or instead of, new Avaya VoIP and digital phones. Companies can literally have the best of both the digital and VoIP world’s.

CSM is the premier Avaya and Nortel phone service company in Tampa, Sarasota, and the rest of Florida – we also are the leading Avaya service and sales partner in Austin and central Texas. Let CSM help you with your Nortel service today!

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