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22 Mar

Are These Items Included on your VoIP Telephone System Quote?

If you are getting a VoIP Quote, make sure these things are included! When businesses are looking to purchase or deploy a new VoIP telephone system, they need to make sure that everything is as it should be, and that there are no unexpected costs. Often, quotes include the base package of licenses and phones, […]

26 Jan

VoIP Telephones- Without a Network Cable?

Businesses who are looking to upgrade to a new cloud based VoIP telephone system often wonder if they can reuse any of their network cables for the voice, along with the existing data network. The answer is, happily, “yes”! However, what about locations in the building that do not currently have a data cable but […]

Moving to the Cloud?

One of our primary products, PhoneSuite, has written an excellent White Paper regarding managed voice and the transition to cloud telecommunications. While primarily geared toward hospitality. as PhoneSuite is the leading manufacturer of phone systems for hotels and for the general hospitality industry, the lessons and ideas presented can easily apply to the wider business […]

Avaya Business Phone Service

When it comes to expanding¬†or servicing your ATT/Lucent/Avaya sytsem, be it an Avaya IP Office, Avaya Merlin Magix, Avaya Partner, or Avaya Merlin Legend system you have a lot of options. Sometimes you need to just replace a part, or you are expanding and need to add a couple of phones to your business phone […]

Phone Service Options in Austin

There are a lot of phone service companies in the Austin Texas area. Since Austin is one of the fastest growing metros in the country it is a growing market for businesses. This makes business owners think of the question “what should I do about my communication needs?” Well, CSM can help. We have been […]

Austin Phone Repair and Remote Employees

Did you know that Austin is one of the fastest growing metro areas in the country? Well, actually by some measures it is the FASTEST! If you live there you could probably tell that through the increased traffic and construction. CSM has seen business increase with new phone system sales for businesses as well as […]

ShoreTel in Bradenton and Sarasota

CSM is on a ShoreTel roll with installs scheduled in Bradenton and Sarasota ShoreTel is the premier VOIP phone system¬†available in Florida, and CSM is on a roll with ShoreTel installs scheduled or recently completed in Bradenton and Sarasota. On these installs, we generally recommend the ShoreTel 400 series of telephones, utilizing the ShorePhone IP […]

Nortel around town!

Do you ever look at what telephones a business or restaurant has when you are visiting? Well, we do! CSM services all sorts of businesses, from hotels to restaurants, accountants to zoos! When our staff is around town we look at what telephones are behind the desk. All types of phones can be seen, including […]

Is ShoreTel the Best VoIP PBX Phone System?

Is ShoreTel Best for your Business?   In the world of business phone systems,¬†especially here in Tampa and Austin, we have many people calling in asking for a VoIP phone system for their company. There are many VoIP PBX products on the market today. These systems range from the tiny, 2-10 phone voice applications residing […]

Tampa VoIP and Austin VoIP

  When you are looking for a new phone system, CSM South is the Tampa VoIP and Austin VoIP phone system leader! Our products range from small digital phone systems such: Transtel- For small businesses and limited service retail, we recommend Transtel as it offers the basic features required by these organizations at a very […]