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Nortel Telephone System Sales and Service:

Nortel T7316e phone service tampa austin
Nortel T7316e Phone

The Nortel Networks, Norstar, and Meridian portfolio delivers small, medium and large-sized businesses and branch offices an award winning digital, and converged voice and data solution, providing a choice of  digital, VoIP-enabled or pure VoIP phone system  strategy. Though now discontinued by Avaya, who purchased Nortel in 2008, these Nortel business phone systems are still in operation globally and CSM can provide service for Nortel and Meridian systems in Florida all the way from Tampa Bay area to Naples and over to the east coast including Orlando. In Texas, we service and support Nortel and Meridian systems in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and the Rio Grande Valley. CSM also supports Nortel systems in the greater Mobile, Al and Gulfport MS region.

A common question we get when a Nortel telephone system is not working is, “can i get new parts?” Unfortunately, since the product line has been defunct for a decade, new parts are just not available. However, the popularity of the product line and the length of time it was produced means that there is a lot of used product on the market.  Much of the product available is quite literally garbage (I’m looking at you, EBay!); however if you purchase from reputable organizations, it should be fine and operational. The phones may be discolored, but they will work properly. The digital station cards might have a port or two that don’t work, but other than they they should be good. Reputable suppliers will let you know the state of the product and any defects before you purchase. CSM South gives a blanket 90 day warranty on all used Nortel equipment, free of charge. 

For additional information such as changing the time on Nortel, Norstar, or Meridian and which types of legacy Nortel Networks equipment can be reused on Avaya IP Office, scroll to the bottom of this page. 

Business Communications Manager (BCM):

Leveraging existing Meridian, Norstar, and Communication Server 1000 investments, BCM offers the features businesses of all sizes require like telephony, unified messaging, multimedia call center, interactive voice response, IP routing and data services such as firewall, wireless, and more.

BCM comes in four different business phone system versions, BCM50, BCM200, BCM400, and BCM450. The genius of the BCM line is that nearly all components are common between versions, meaning that it is nearly impossible for businesses to loose their investment in Nortel as they grow. CSM has installed hundreds of BCM systems nation wide, we know we can help you with yours.

Nortel BCM 50 Service
The Nortel BCM 50 Phone System

The BCM line of phone systems was  purchased along with the rest of  Nortel’s assets by Avaya in 2008.  Initially, the BCM was re-branded as  the Avaya BCM 50, 200 or 400 and  sold under that trade name. However,  as of 2015, the product line is  completely discontinued and has been  declared “end of life” meaning Avaya  will not longer be offering support on  the product. At first glance, this seems  rather mean spirited by Avaya, but on  closer examination it was actually very  generous that they continued  supporting product not developed by Avaya for 7 years after their purchase of Nortel. Pointing even further to the generosity of Avaya towards Nortel clients, today’s customers are encouraged to reuse their Nortel phones on the new Avaya IP Office with the simple addition of the Nortel Digital Station Card.  For additional information on reusing Nortel phones on an Avaya IP Office click on this link to open a new window.

For more information on the BCM phone system, click on the following link:
What is the BCM Phone System?

Northern Telecom Meridian:

Meridian 7310 Phone Service Tampa Austin
Meridian 7310 Phone

With Northern Telecom Meridian or Meridian 1 systems, you have the flexibility to take advantage of the latest innovations in technology. With Meridian 1 Internet Telephony Gateways (ITG), you can “Internet Enable” your system to bring VoIP to your LAN, across your WAN or even to your mobile workforce! Meridian 1’s architectural design, which includes processing, switching, access and call control layers, enables your business to invest in new technologies such as VoIP and do so incrementally. Without impacting investments you’ve made in the rest of your Meridian 1 system. So your business can enjoy all the benefits of VoIP while leveraging Meridian 1’s “five nines” reliability, broadly scalable, powerful performance and rich, robust feature set. It’s VoIP—at a pace you’re comfortable with.Meridian 1 systems are also renowned for performance and reliability with over 25 years of evolutionary and revolutionary feature and applications development to drive your business’ profitability. That’s over 3.7 million hours of telephony research and software design.


Nortel/Meridian Norstar is one of the most popular and deployed phone system in the world. CSM has installed and serviced everything from the small Norstar 3×8 to the nearly 200 port Norstar MICS – including the CICS, 6×16, 8×24, and nearly every other Norstar.

What model of Nortel/Norstar/Meridian phone system do you have?  CSM technicians are certified on anything and everything from the small Norstar 3×8 to the over 1,000 port Meridian systems.  CSM has installed hundreds of BCM and Norstar systems nation wide. We stock Norstar and BCM parts in our warehouses in Tampa, Florida & Austin, Texas for the fastest possible service for you. These parts include CiCS and 6×16, and MICS main cabinets, BCM systems, Call Pilot and Flash voice mail systems, and of course “M” and “T” series telephones – not to mention expansion cards and parts.

For a more detailed description of the Norstar/ Nortel CiCS phone system, click this link to learn additional information. CSM is also knowledgeable on the MiCS phone system, for more information on that product, please click here to open a new window.

Norstar/ Nortel CiCS
Norstar/ Nortel CiCS

Whatever phone system model it may be, CSM can work on it. CSM will happily work on your older Meridian or Norstar system, and when you are ready to upgrade to a new system CSM can help recommend the best option. Most Nortel telephones can be used on the Avaya IP Office, which helps you protect your investment.

Nortel/ Norstar/ Meridian Resources

For more information on what Nortel telephones work on the Avaya IP Office click here for our article:  Using Nortel phones on Avaya

For instructions on how to change the date and time on Nortel, Norstar or Meridian telephones click here for our article:  Changing the Date and Time on Nortel/ Norstar or Meridian Phones

For more information on discontinued Nortel equipment, click here for our article: Is my Nortel equipment Discontinued? What should I do?

As a further resource, one of the most common questions that we receive is on Nortel or Norstar is how to reboot or restart the phone system. Below you will find instructions on how to accomplish this.

How to Reboot and Restart a Nortel BCM 50/200/400

Nortel BCM 50 Service
The Nortel BCM 50 Phone System, this is a side view. Generally these phone systems are wall mounted.
  1. If you have access to the management software, this can be done from Unified Manager by clicking on the word System on the main menu.
  2. Click logoff on the pulldown menu at the top of the screen.
  3. Move down and click reboot.
  4. Click Yes on the popup window.
  5. The BCM will now reboot.
    (DO NOT CLICK “Shutdown” as this will switch your BCM off. After a shutdown it can only be restarted by switching the power to the CCU OFF then back ON again. However, if you are needing to perform a SHUTDOWN restart, then this operation is ideal.)

Note: During a reboot your telephones will still work but all the BCM’s applications will be restarted so applications such as voicemail will stop working until the BCM has finished rebooting. A progress bar will show the estimated time for the reboot to be completed. To access Unified Manager after a reboot you will need to restart your browser and log in again.

How to Reboot and Restart a Nortel or Norstar 8×24

A Nortel/ Norstar/ Meridian 8×24 Phone System

The Nortel Meridian line is old,  in fact, it is closing in on 30 years since the system was made, but CSM South still sees them out in the field. If you need to complete a restart of the system, but very cautious as it is likely to lose some programming.

  • Locate the power cord on the box
  • Follow it to the wall
  • Unplug the cord from the wall
  • Wait 30 seconds, and plug back in
  • Say a prayer and wait for it to hopefully come back up!

How to Reboot or Restart a Nortel/ Norstar MICS

A Norstar MICS, or Modular Integrated Communication System

The Norstar MICS telephone system was manufactured for a very long time, and as such was one of the most popular phone systems sold by Nortel. Again, because of the age of these systems, resetting should be done with extreme caution. Instructions are identical to the 8×24, which is almost exactly the same system.

  • Locate the power cord on the box
  • Follow it to the wall
  • Unplug the cord from the wall
  • Wait 30 seconds, and plug back in
  • Say a prayer and wait for it to hopefully come back up!

How to Reboot or Restart a Norstar CiCS

Norstar/ Nortel CiCS

The Norstar CiCS was a very popular telephone system for small businesses- back in the 1990- early 200’s. Again, as with the last two entries, please be cautious as it may lose programming, though it seems to do better with a reset than the Meridian branded products did. Instructions mirror the MiCS system.

  • Locate the power cord on the box
  • Follow it to the wall
  • Unplug the cord from the wall
  • Wait 30 seconds, and plug back in
  • Wait for the phone system to come back up!

CSM South is based in Tampa, Fl and Austin TX, from where we sell and service new and refurbished phone systems, both cloud VoIP and premise based.

CSM & Nortel Networks

For more than 30 years, CSM South has been providing service for Nortel Networks Norstar phones, Nortel phones, Meridian phones,  and Avaya phones. We have witnessed the evolution of the product from the old Norstar and Meridian 8×24, CICS, 0x32, and the MICS, to the Nortel BCM product line, to finally the purchase by Avaya and the discontinuation of all the old systems. Our customers in Tampa, Austin, Sarasota, Orlando, San Antonio, Waco and everywhere in between are our priority! Give us a call today to schedule service for your Nortel, Meridian, or Avaya system.