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What are the differences, when should you consider cloud over premise based VoIP new phone system, and when does it make financial sense to make the jump?

CSM, which has sold new phone systems in Tampa since 1984, is well versed in the world of telephony, both traditional and VoIP. Many, if not most, of our clients have gone ahead and made the leap to cloud based telephone systems. However, we constantly have customers wanting to know more about VoIP, how it […]

22 Mar

Are These Items Included on your VoIP Telephone System Quote?

If you are getting a VoIP Quote, make sure these things are included! When businesses are looking to purchase or deploy a new VoIP telephone system, they need to make sure that everything is as it should be, and that there are no unexpected costs. Often, quotes include the base package of licenses and phones, […]

02 Mar

New Phone Systems in Tampa, FL

CSM South has been in the business of installing telephone systems for over 30 years, but did you know that we were started right here, in Tampa, Fl., where we maintain our corporate office? Yup. From humble beginnings in 1984, CSM South has deployed thousands of telephone systems, starting with analog and digital PBX’s and […]

Business is great in Florida and Texas!

Reports show strong Jobs Growth in Florida & Texas Communications Systems Management, with offices in Florida and Texas, was enthused to hear the latest news from payroll processor ADP, released this week. According to their research, Texas lead the nation in private sector jobs growth, followed by California and Florida! While the Labor Department report has […]

How to Alleviate Employee Concerns about VoIP

The following is the first of two guest post from our partner, www.phonesuite.com, the premier manufacturer of hospitality phone systems. Though written for their industry, the lessons learned are easily applied to any business transitioning to a new VoIP phone system.  Change is inevitable, but so is resistance to it. After years of doing things the […]

When Nortel Phone Systems can’t be Serviced

A world where Nortel is no longer around? If this were 1995, most businesses and experts would have had a hearty laugh and dismissed the thought completely out of hand. But, this is not 1995, it is 2015, and the unthinkable happened. During a heated bidding process in 2008, Siemens Enterprise Communications and Avaya went […]

Nortel, Avaya, ShoreTel, Comdial, Siemens? CSM Service has you Covered!

A Phone System Repair Company Servicing Tampa, Austin, Mobile, and More! Clients with phone systems located in Florida, Texas, and Alabama are covered by CSM. No matter where you are in these great states, CSM can service your telephone system with our trained and certified technicians. Brands serviced by CSM include Nortel, Avaya, ShoreTel, Siemens, […]

Nortel Networks Systems in Sarasota and Bradenton

Did you know that the Nortel PBX was one of the most popular communications (telephone) systems sold in the Sarasota and Bradenton metro areas of Florida? At one time it accounted for close to 80% of all system sales per year! CSM knows Nortel – we have serviced hundreds of Nortel and Meridian clients in these metro […]

Nortel around town!

Do you ever look at what telephones a business or restaurant has when you are visiting? Well, we do! CSM services all sorts of businesses, from hotels to restaurants, accountants to zoos! When our staff is around town we look at what telephones are behind the desk. All types of phones can be seen, including […]