ShoreTel in Bradenton and Sarasota

CSM is on a ShoreTel roll with installs scheduled in Bradenton and Sarasota

ShoreTel is the premier VOIP phone system available in Florida, and CSM is on a roll with ShoreTel installs scheduled or recently completed in Bradenton and Sarasota. On these installs, we generally recommend the ShoreTel 400 series of telephones, utilizing the ShorePhone IP 480 as our workhorse and the ShorePhone IP 420 for common areas. CSM has found that the new Small Business Packages from ShoreTel have really kick-started sales with businesses needing fewer than 100 phones and with less than 5 sites.   With these packages, installations are cost competitive with digital platforms but offer the full functionality of a ShoreTel VoIP phone system. They are literally the exact same system that can scale up to 20,000 phones; all that is required is a simple license key upgrade from Small Business to Enterprise.

Not only new installations, but also customers have been calling CSM to switch from their former ShoreTel vendor after an area ShoreTel partner lost their dealership for lack of activity. CSM has embraced these clients by waiving all transfer fees. We take responsibility for the product line and are firm believers in ShoreTel, so in turn we take the responsibility of bringing on new clients seriously, especially if they have a bad taste in their mouth from a previous vendor.

Looking for a ShoreTel in Bradenton, Sarasota, Naples or Tampa?

CSM is the ShoreTel Champion Partner for the west coast of Florida and services customers from Naples to Orlando, including Bradenton, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Lakeland. Call us today to learn more about ShoreTel and their brilliantly simple solutions!

ShoreTel, phone system in tampa, bradenton, naples, orlando, austin

ShoreTel, our flagship VoIP product for a business phone system in Tampa, Bradenton, Sarasota, Naples, Austin, or Orlando

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