Austin Phone Repair and Remote Employees

Did you know that Austin is one of the fastest growing metro areas in the country? Well, actually by some measures it is the FASTEST! If you live there you could probably tell that through the increased traffic and construction. CSM has seen business increase with new phone system sales for businesses as well as repair of companies ATT, Avaya, XBlue, and other brands of business phone systems. We have been in the Austin market for many years and are happy to assist new businesses and people as well as the ones that we have supported for some time.

But what can you do about the traffic? First, you can look at the possibility of working from home. This does not have to be a full time change, maybe just a day or two per week to start. Over 95% of Fortune 1000 businesses have employees work from home a few times a week. This enables the employee to be more effective with their time, spending it on projects rather than in traffic.

Is it easy to set up a home office? Simple things like setting up a work space in your home may already be done if you have a home office. If not a kitchen table and chair can suffice until you can set up a desk. As for connectivity to the main office, a laptop or desktop computer connected via a VPN allows you to be a part of the office network just like if you were in the office. But what about telephones? There are several different ways to accomplish this. We have found the easiest is to either have your business phone system in the cloud, or “hosted”, or to have a VoIP system in your office. CSM can help you navigate how to best deploy remote or home employees and help them to be a true part of the corporate office.


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