Phone Service Options in Austin

Phone Service Options in Austin

There are a lot of phone service companies in the Austin Texas area. Since Austin is one of the fastest growing metros in the country it is a growing market for businesses. This makes business owners think of the question “what should I do about my communication needs?” Well, CSM can help. We have been in the Austin market for well over a decade and we can help you make the right decision for your business. The decisions to be made include:

1. What type of phones do I need?
2. Should I look at cloud/hosted?
3. Are SIP trunks right for me?

CSM is well versed at helping you navigate these questions and make a competent, and good value, decision. What type of phones you need can vary from two line desk phones to multi-line PBX (Private Branch Exchange), and several options in between. If you are just starting your business out the most cost effective solution will be a two line telephone or a cloud/hosted phone from a SIP provider. Hosted telephones will most likely be your best option as the network of phones you use can grow as your business does. However, you need to make sure you have a good internet connection. If your business is established then perhaps a premise based solution will work better. These solutions range in size from a couple of phones to thousands.

Should you look at hosted phones? The short answer is yes. Nearly all businesses in Austin could potentially use cloud hosted communications, but it does not make sense for all businesses. Some businesses have specific needs that a cloud based system cannot accommodate, which is one reason to not look at hosted. Another is your internet speeds. If you cannot get a quality, fast, and reasonably symmetric internet connection you should probably look at a premise based system.

Should I get SIP trunks for my business in Austin? If you have a premise based system and are looking to save money on your monthly phone bill then it may be time to look at SIP trunks, telephone lines delivered over the internet. As with any cloud based communications your internet connection is paramount. With a poor connection your telephone lines will not be of good quality. Austin is fortunate in the fact that our internet speeds are better than some other areas of the country.

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