Tampa VoIP and Austin VoIP

Tampa VoIP and Austin VoIP


When you are looking for a new phone system, CSM South is the Tampa VoIP and Austin VoIP phone system leader! Our products range from small digital phone systems such:

  • Transtel- For small businesses and limited service retail, we recommend Transtel as it offers the basic features required by these organizations at a very attractive price point. While not VoIP enabled, it still gives the functionality needed to these companies to do their business right!
  • ShoreTel- Our flagship product along with Avaya, ShoreTel is a pure VoIP phone system that can grow all the way up to 20,000 endpoints. ShoreTel positions itself as the leader in brilliantly simple communications. Compared to Cisco,  it is the Apple to Microsoft, if you will.
  • Avaya- We also are the Austin and Tampa preferred Avaya IP Office vendor. CSM installs the Avaya IP Office for clients desiring a mixed digital/ VoIP phone system and also for pure VoIP installations. Many types of Nortel phones can be reused on the Avaya IP Office, which is a viable option for the consumer looking to replace outdated equipment while still being cost conscious.
  • PhoneSuite- For our hotel phone system friends, we offer PhoneSuite!  Working with them for over 20 years, we have seen PhoneSuite grow from a small player to be the leading manufacturer of VoIP hotel phone systems. In the past, hospitality communciations was pretty much owned by Mitel, but over the last decade, they have become a dinosaur in the telecom industry, being replaced by true niche players like PhoneSuite.

Our customers include small businesses, professionals, mid size manufacturing, financial institutions, education, and multi- site retail. Contact CSM today to learn more about VoIP for Tampa, Orlando, Naples, Austin and San Antonio phone systems!

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