Phone System Service in Tampa and Austin

Phone System Service in Tampa and Austin

CSM Provides Service for VoIP and Digital Phone Systems

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CSM has offices in Tampa and Austin

Founded in 1984, CSM is one of the oldest phone system service companies in the southeast and Texas. Starting with three gentlemen and a vision, our idea was to provide high quality telecommunications systems to businesses at a fair price, while maintaining an impeccable service record. Now, more than 30 years later, CSM still holds to these core principles. Our product lines have evolved from analog and digital phone systems to be VoIP based.

  • ShoreTel– One of our two flagship products, ShoreTel is a pure VoIP phone system that provides a brilliantly simple solution for a good value. Our customers have been very happy with this telephone systems ease of use, quality hardware, and included software upgrades.
  • Avaya– The second of our twin chief products, we position Avaya as a hybrid solution for customers looking for both VoIP and digital functions, or simply a digital phone system that can accommodate growth and has a worldwide name brand recognition. Many of our Nortel customers choose to upgrade to Avaya IP Office and the Nortel or Norstar phones can be reused on the new Avaya system.
  • PhoneSuite Voiceware– With our corporate headquarters being located in Florida, CSM is no stranger to hotel or hospitality phone systems. PhoneSuite is the industries leading niche player, manufacturing a quality phone system specifically designed for use in the hospitality industry. Utilizing a range of SIP phones for administration or rooms, the system is also capable of reusing analog room phones, while simultaneously offering I-Phone integration, Reception Console, and a huge array of additional features.
  • TransTel– TransTel is our value oriented system for our customers. While not offering VoIP or more advanced features, the system is perfect from retail, small office, or other environments where basic communications are key.
  • Nortel, Comdial, Siemens, etc- CSM is also certified to service systems from a range of manufacturers that are now discontinued including Nortel, Meridian, Norstar, Comdial, Siemens, and others.

Customers in Tampa, Sarasota, Orlando, Austin and San Antonio have consistently called upon CSM to service their phone systems or provide pricing and installation support on new phone systems. Contact CSM today to learn more about these systems and how we cna help guide you into the best decisions for your business.

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ShoreTel 485g VoIP Phone

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