What is the PhoneSuite Hotel Phone System?

What is the PhoneSuite Hotel Phone System?

A Hotel Phone System Designed Specifically for the Hospitality Industry

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PhoneSuite Hospitality solutions Reception console.

Many new phone system manufacturers today make a communications device that has software or functions that work for hotels, motels, and other hospitality vertical businesses. Most, however, are just features that can be utilized for this very specialized business rather than a product that has been specifically designed for them. NEC, Unify (Siemens), Vertical, Toshiba, Samsung, Avaya, and others all have product that fits into this category. There are two notable exceptions though, PhoneSuite and Mitel.

CSM, of course, cannot offer every new phone system on the market, so we have chosen to proudly represent PhoneSuite. There are several reasons for this. Mitel is a Canadian company while PhoneSuite is located in the greater Denver, Colorado, area where all R&D, manufacturing, and tech support resides. PhoneSuite also only makes the PhoneSuite line of products for hotels. They have not and will not try to break into other business markets because their system is designed for hospitality and related businesses. This means they can focus on constantly enhancing that product line rather than experiencing product schizophrenia.  Additionally, the PhoneSuite VoiceWare is a pure VoIP phone system that can utilize analog, digital and SIP devices while maintaining a high quality of service and functionality. Finally, the PhoneSuite is more competitively priced when compared to Mitel and the other manufacturers. Check out our full PhoneSuite VoiceWare page for more detailed information on features and functions.

CSM has worked with PhoneSuite for over a decade and is exceedingly proud of our relationship with them. As the premier VoiceWare dealer in the southeast, you can be sure to be covered no matter if you are in Tampa, Naples, Orlando, South Florida, Austin, San Antonio, Mobile, Pensacola, Gulfport or anywhere in our phone system service radius. Give CSM a call today and we would be happy to introduce you to our PhoneSuite product line.

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