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Small Hotel/ Motel Phone Systems

When small hotels or motels begin the search for a new telephone system, they are often overwhelmed by the information to be found on the internet. Many hospitality flags, such as IGH, Best Western, Choice, and Marriott do have preferred vendors, which can make the selection a little simpler. CSM South suggests sticking to the […]

Moving to the Cloud?

One of our primary products, PhoneSuite, has written an excellent White Paper regarding managed voice and the transition to cloud telecommunications. While primarily geared toward hospitality. as PhoneSuite is the leading manufacturer of phone systems for hotels and for the general hospitality industry, the lessons and ideas presented can easily apply to the wider business […]

CSM Installs New Phone System for Clarion Inn Tampa

After being dissatisfied with the migration path of the existing Mitel system, the Clarion Inn of Bradon began looking for a new phone system. As is often the case, that search started on the internet for our friends at the Clarion. Very quickly, management started browsing the Phonesuite.com site and was placed in contact with […]

What is the PhoneSuite Hotel Phone System?

A Hotel Phone System Designed Specifically for the Hospitality Industry Many new phone system manufacturers today make a communications device that has software or functions that work for hotels, motels, and other hospitality vertical businesses. Most, however, are just features that can be utilized for this very specialized business rather than a product that has […]