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11 Feb
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Hotel Phone Systems Checklist

Six years ago(!), we made our first list of 8 things to keep in mind when searching for a hotel or hospitality phone system and what to consider when weighing the differences between cloud and premise products. This week, we made some updates to that page because things have matured drastically since 2015! The PhoneSuite […]

How to Alleviate Employee Concerns about VoIP

The following is the first of two guest post from our partner, www.phonesuite.com, the premier manufacturer of hospitality phone systems. Though written for their industry, the lessons learned are easily applied to any business transitioning to a new VoIP phone system.  Change is inevitable, but so is resistance to it. After years of doing things the […]

What is the PhoneSuite Hotel Phone System?

A Hotel Phone System Designed Specifically for the Hospitality Industry Many new phone system manufacturers today make a communications device that has software or functions that work for hotels, motels, and other hospitality vertical businesses. Most, however, are just features that can be utilized for this very specialized business rather than a product that has […]

Hotel Phone System Revival in Austin Texas!

It’s a Hotel Phone System Revival in Austin Texas! Now that the Great Recession is firmly behind us, CSM South has noticed that hotels, inns, and other hospitality lodging customers are beginning to replace their old phone systems in the Austin Texas capitol region with something new. Many of these hotels are replacing aging Mitel […]

Hospitality Business Phone System in Florida or Texas?

CSM delivers to the hospitality industry with the award winning PhoneSuite product line. Originally a Mitel partner, we switched to PhoneSuite for several key reasons: Ease of use Value price point Flexibility Fast installation If your hotel or inn is currently utilizing an outdated Mitel product and is considering an upgrade to meet the requirements […]


Sometimes prospective hotels ask CSM what equipment will actually be installed with their new PhoneSuite Voiceware system. There are essentially two options, each with its own merits. CSM is versed at installing both of the primary PhoneSuite Voiceware options. Option 1: Full SIP System If a property is ready to jump fully into VoIP they […]