Norstar, Nortel, Meridian, What’s the Difference and can you Service it?

CSM offers Nortel Service in Tampa, Austin, Sarasota and San Marcos

If you have a Nortel Networks phone system, you may not even know it! A formerly Canadian based company, Nortel may have gone out of business in 2008, but in the decades it manufactures phone systems, Nortel used several brand names. Originally the products were Norstar and Meridian. Generally speaking, Meridian systems were larger than…

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What is the PhoneSuite Hotel Phone System?

A Hotel Phone System Designed Specifically for the Hospitality Industry Many new phone system manufacturers today make a communications device that has software or functions that work for hotels, motels, and other hospitality vertical businesses. Most, however, are just features that can be utilized for this very specialized business rather than a product that has…

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Tampa VoIP and Austin VoIP

  When you are looking for a new phone system, CSM South is the Tampa VoIP and Austin VoIP phone system leader! Our products range from small digital phone systems such: Transtel- For small businesses and limited service retail, we recommend Transtel as it offers the basic features required by these organizations at a very…

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