How many telephone lines does your business phone system need?

How many #telephone lines does your #business need? CSM is here to help explain! Different businesses need a different amount of telephone lines. Prevailing thought over the last 50 years has been one line per every two employees. However, if your business relies on the internet, email, or walk in customers then this ratio may not apply to you. CSM generally recommends our customers look at their business and see where their clients primarily come from. If you are a business with in office sales staff that is on the telephone frequently you likely still fall in the 2/1 ratio or perhaps 4/1. However, if you are a business, such as a restaurant, that primarily focuses on face to face interaction then you likely fall outside of this category. Most of our retail and restaurant clients have two or three lines for their entire business.

But what kind of lines should you have? 15 years ago the only real option was copper lines from the telephone company, such as Verizon or ATT. Today you have options from the cable company, SIP Trunks, PRI…the list can be confusing! Over the next couple of posts we will help explain these different technologies and how your business might benefit from them.


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