Is Nortel really out of business?

Many of our customers here in Tampa have Nortel phone systems. Really, we have customers with Nortel in Sarasota, Orlando, Ft. Myers, Naples, Austin, San Marcos and San Anotnio- not to mention Nortel in more out of the way spots like Waco, College Station, Lakeland, and The Villages and Ocala. Some of these good companies who work with us have no idea that as a firm, Nortel does not exist any more. Yes, that is right, as of 2008, Nortel has been wholly absorbed into Avaya.

Does this mean that the systems are totally obsolete? Not exactly. As long as your Nortel phone system needs service, CSM is happy to work on it. What it does mean, however, is that every day that has ticked by and continues to pass since that fateful day in 2008 is one more day in the life of used equipment that is trying to keep on working. The average life of a phone system meridian 7310manufactured in 2008 was between 7-10 years. Now that it is 2015, these systems will begin to start failing. If you have a Nortel BCM 50, 200, or 450, your phone system will probably last another five years, or until 2020 as it is a late model. However, if you are using a Nortel CiCS, MiCS, or older system, parts will begin to stop working. Further, good working order equipment will become harder to come by in the market. Right now, it is not a terrible problem, two years from today, we will start to see the crunch. Customers should not be scared, they just need to be aware of the limitations that are and will be experienced in the industry.

CSM is happy to provide service on your Nortel! Give us a call and as long as you want it to keep working, we will be here for you.

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Norstar/ Nortel CiCS

Norstar/ Nortel CiCS

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