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08 Mar
CSM offers Nortel Service in Tampa, Austin, Sarasota and San Marcos

Norstar, Nortel, Meridian, What’s the Difference and can you Service it?

If you have a Nortel Networks phone system, you may not even know it! A formerly Canadian based company, Nortel may have gone out of business in 2008, but in the decades it manufactures phone systems, Nortel used several brand names. Originally the products were Norstar and Meridian. Generally speaking, Meridian systems were larger than […]

08 May
avaya ip office service tampa

New Review of the Avaya 9508 Posted!

CSM has posted a new review of the popular Avaya 9508 phone designed for use on the award winning Avaya IP Office. Learn about the phone, its physical traits, and what features it offers. Our Nortel customers in Tampa and Austin will want to take special note as it is a perfect phone to migrate […]

Is Nortel really out of business?

Many of our customers here in Tampa have Nortel phone systems. Really, we have customers with Nortel in Sarasota, Orlando, Ft. Myers, Naples, Austin, San Marcos and San Anotnio- not to mention Nortel in more out of the way spots like Waco, College Station, Lakeland, and The Villages and Ocala. Some of these good companies […]

23 Mar
Reboot or Restart a Nortel/ Norstar MICS

Nortel Norstar MiCS Phone System

The Nortel Norstar MICS phone system  or Modular Integrated Communications System was created to be a phone system for customers looking for a reliable, feature-rich business phone system that would be expandable. The MICS supports up to 24 incoming lines and up to 274 extensions. Though now a discontinued system and now owned by Avaya, the […]

Norstar CiCS Phone System Information

Norstar CiCS   The Norstar CiCS, or Compact Integrated Communications System, was easily one of the best selling of the Nortel/ Norstar product lines. Introduced in 1995, the system was an integral part of the Nortel family of products for over a decade. The Norstar MiCS, or Modular Integrated Communications System, was the big brother […]

Nortel, Avaya, ShoreTel, Comdial, Siemens? CSM Service has you Covered!

A Phone System Repair Company Servicing Tampa, Austin, Mobile, and More! Clients with phone systems located in Florida, Texas, and Alabama are covered by CSM. No matter where you are in these great states, CSM can service your telephone system with our trained and certified technicians. Brands serviced by CSM include Nortel, Avaya, ShoreTel, Siemens, […]

27 Jan
Reboot and Restart a Nortel BCM 50/200/400

Information on the Nortel BCM 50 Phone System

What is the Nortel BCM 50 and can CSM service this phone system? CSM, as a factory certified Nortel vendor, has been servicing Nortel, Norstar, and Meridian equipment for over 25 years. Beginning in the Tampa area, we branched out and now provide Nortel Networks support in our core area and also Sarasota, Naples, Orlando, […]

Nortel Networks Systems in Sarasota and Bradenton

Did you know that the Nortel PBX was one of the most popular communications (telephone) systems sold in the Sarasota and Bradenton metro areas of Florida? At one time it accounted for close to 80% of all system sales per year! CSM knows Nortel – we have serviced hundreds of Nortel and Meridian clients in these metro […]

Nortel Tampa Service

Help! I need Service on my Nortel in Tampa or Austin!   Do you need service on your Nortel system in Tampa, Sarasota, Orlando, Naples, Austin or San Antonio? CSM has certified techs who can support your Nortel system. Even though Nortel is no longer in business, CSM can help you make changes, add equipment, […]