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There are a lot of different business telephone systems out there. Samsung, Toshiba, ShoreTel, Cisco, NEC, Avaya…..the list goes on! Which one is right for your business though? Well, it really depends on the nature of your business to a certain extent, but more importantly it depends on the company that you choose to install and service your system. The best designed and most feature rich business telephone systems in the world will not work correctly unless you have a qualified and competent company working on them. CSM has been working on communications systems for over 30 years, we are not a company that got started in a different industry and moved into telecom, we have always been immersed in it. These decades of experience have taught us how to properly configure and service communications equipment. It may sound funny, but these are all sorts of companies and people that decide to get into the telephone business. These can (and do) include vacuum service companies as well as similar companies such as data/computer service companies. Data companies are closer to telecom than a vacuum company, but the nuances of voice are such that you still need a qualified, and certified, telecom engineer to actually deploy the solution in a proper way. Let CSM be that company.

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