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How to Alleviate Employee Concerns about VoIP

The following is the first of two¬†guest post from our partner, www.phonesuite.com, the premier manufacturer of hospitality phone systems. Though written for their industry, the lessons learned are easily applied to any business transitioning to a new VoIP phone system.¬† Change is inevitable, but so is resistance to it. After years of doing things the […]

Phone Service Options in Austin

There are a lot of phone service companies in the Austin Texas area. Since Austin is one of the fastest growing metros in the country it is a growing market for businesses. This makes business owners think of the question “what should I do about my communication needs?” Well, CSM can help. We have been […]

Austin Phone Repair and Remote Employees

Did you know that Austin is one of the fastest growing metro areas in the country? Well, actually by some measures it is the FASTEST! If you live there you could probably tell that through the increased traffic and construction. CSM has seen business increase with new phone system sales for businesses as well as […]

Avaya IP Office Austin Business Phone Service

Avaya IP Office Austin Business Phone Service CSM is one of the premier Avaya IP Office Austin businesses phone service companies in Texas! Our staff have worked on ATT, Lucent, and Avaya from the Partner up to the Definity and IP Office. If your business needs assistance in service on their phones CSM can help. […]

Business Telephone System Service Company Thoughts

Best Phone System Company There are a lot of different business telephone systems out there. Samsung, Toshiba, ShoreTel, Cisco, NEC, Avaya…..the list goes on! Which one is right for your business though? Well, it really depends on the nature of your business to a certain extent, but more importantly it depends on the company that […]

VOIP phone system for your hotel in Florida

New hospitality phone systems are based on VoIP, with PhoneSuite leading the way. The VoiceWare system is completely based on VoIP protocols, but is capable of utilizing traditional telephone lines from your local carrier, or SIP trunks from a number of certified partners such as VoiceCarrier. Additionally, it uses industry standard SIP telephones for offices […]

Hospitality Business Phone System in Florida or Texas?

CSM delivers to the hospitality industry with the award winning PhoneSuite product line. Originally a Mitel partner, we switched to PhoneSuite for several key reasons: Ease of use Value price point Flexibility Fast installation If your hotel or inn is currently utilizing an outdated Mitel product and is considering an upgrade to meet the requirements […]