When To Replace that Old Nortel Phone System

When To Replace that Old Nortel Phone System

When should you buy a new phone system?


Being in the business of selling telephone systems and unified communications, CSM replaces many old phone systems. Here in Tampa in the last two months we have had many installations. We replaced a

CSM offers Nortel Service in Tampa, Austin, Sarasota and San Marcos
CSM offers Nortel Service in Tampa, Austin, Sarasota and San Marcos

large Inter-Tel, now a Mitel company, with a ShoreTel operating over 275 phones.  Also in Tampa, in the Westshore business district, CSM installed a new Avaya IP Office for a client who had an old Vodavi phone system. Two hotels were completed with our PhoneSuite hotel phone system. These are, of course, just a few of the projects we have been working on.

Our Hotel Phone System Product tampa austin sarasota
Our Hotel Phone System Product

Easily, one of the most common systems that we replace is the Nortel product line. These systems were discontinued in 2008 so are starting to either fail or parts are unavailable for customers needing an expansion of their phone system for service. So inevitably, the question of when they should buy a new phone system comes up. Our answer is fairly straightforward. If the system is failing or dead, we would recommend replacement with a new phone system. It may be possible to resurrect the old Nortel or Norstar with used parts, in fact we were able to do this with a customer in Tampa just last week with an old Nortel MICS system, but if the parts are not in stock or unavailable, time now becomes an issue as they will have to be ordered.  Additionally, when parts are rare they are more expensive. We have seen the cost of patching an old phone system approaching 50% or even up to 70% of the cost of a new one. Often, the old Nortel phones can be reused on a new Avaya IP Office, so the cost to upgrade is fairly low.

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CSM has offices in Tampa and Austin

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