Norstar, Nortel, Meridian, What’s the Difference and can you Service it?

If you have a Nortel Networks phone system, you may not even know it! A formerly Canadian based company, Nortel may have gone out of business in 2008, but in the decades it manufactures phone systems, Nortel used several brand names.

Originally the products were Norstar and Meridian. Generally speaking, Meridian systems were larger than Norstar, but in time these lines became blurred and the product lines had great overlap. Voice mail systems went by the names of Startalk and Flash. To make matters even more confusing for consumers, phones that operate on the Norstar or Meridian systems may have been branded with those names, or also carried any number of others such as Bell South (and other Bell names), GTE, among others. But they all have the same basic look as the M 7324 pictured here. Rather than LED, there is a LCD with small arrows pointing to the lines or feature keys. Common colors included either black, whitish, or grey.

M 7324 (Meridian)

M 7324 (Meridian)

As time went on, the company started to standardize under the Nortel Network name. The more recent product lines of the BCM and CiCS/ MiCS, were branded Nortel with the logo below.

Nortel Service in Tampa, Austin, Sarasota and San Marcos

CSM offers Nortel Service in Tampa, Austin, Sarasota and San Marcos

So if you are located in the Tampa Bay area and are using a Nortel system, chances are that it has some other name on it- but it is still the same quality equipment. Produced for nearly 30 years, we still service dozens of these systems, keeping them running for as long as is possible. Give us a call or shoot an email today to learn more about Nortel or place a service call.

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