How a VoIP System can Upgrade your Hotel

From time to time we like to feature articles by some of our providers. The below article, provided by our hospitality phone system partner, PhoneSuite, is a concise, easy to understand piece detailing how a VoIP telephone system can enhance a hotel’s bottom line and guest experience.

Why Managed VOICE is More Affordable

Why Managed VOICE

The COVID-19 crisis has had a profound effect on the hotel industry, and it’s hard to say how long-lasting the repercussions will be. In the meantime, hotels are doing everything they can to cut costs without losing any of the features and services that make them so valuable to their guests.

One of the biggest opportunities for saving money is in your hotel’s communication system. Many hotels are surprisingly behind the times when it comes to their technology, and if your hotel is still operating on an old-fashioned analog system or even a VoIP system from several decades ago, an upgrade can make a big difference in your monthly expenses. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Managed VOICE?

Managed VOICE from Phonesuite is a virtual phone service where all your phone system hardware and software is managed by your provider — that’s us! It’s similar to a cloud computing or software-as-a-service system, in that Phonesuite owns all of the hardware. You save a substantial amount of money on capital expenditure, instead paying a monthly fee for upkeep and the Phonesuite service.

A Managed VOICE system is open-architecture and evergreen, integrating seamlessly with your existing systems and allowing you to move, add, remove, and change phone lines quickly and easily. You can also change the functionality of your PBX system on the fly through a browser-based dashboard.

The Voiceware System

Voiceware is Phonesuite’s proprietary phone system application, designed exclusively for hotels. We’ve deployed our system in over 6,500 hotels of all sizes and needs over the last 25 years, and we’re still going! The system includes:

  • Hospitality VoIP PBX
  • Call Accounting
  • Voicemail
  • PMS Integration Compliance
  • Full Hospitality Feature Set
  • Deployment/Integration Services
  • 24/7 Hardware & Software Support
  • SIP Trunking-Local/Long Distance

How Managed VOICE Saves Money

One of the major sources of savings from a Managed VOICE system is the hardware itself — since you’re not installing or purchasing your software yourself, you save an enormous amount of money on the initial capital expenditure, instead signing on for a reasonable monthly payment.

That payment, too, is often much lower than with another system. The cost of domestic calls will become almost negligible, and the cost of international calls will be considerably reduced — if your hotel deals with a lot of international guests, the savings will be noticeable immediately.

You’ll save on service and maintenance costs, too. With Managed VOICE, your service and maintenance needs are baked in with the monthly cost of the system — you’ll receive 24/7 support and upkeep of the system without having to pay extra for costly hardware repairs.

Finally, you’ll see significant savings on upgrades and flexibility. Additional phone features, like remote check-in, online room service, or compliance with new legislation, will be as simple as a software upgrade. And if you decide that you want to add, remove, change, or move phone lines from one room to another or into a new facility, all you need is a new headset and a power outlet to plug it in — no infrastructure changes necessary.

Talk to Phonesuite Today

If you’ve been waiting to bring your hotel’s communication system into the 21st century, the time for waiting is over. A new Managed VOICE system from Phonesuite will grant you significant upgrades in features and functionality that will allow you to better service your guests and run your hotel efficiently. Contact us for a consultation and estimate based on your unique telephony needs.

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