The “Suite” Spot — How Phonesuite Offers the Best of Large and Small VoIP Providers

When you’re shopping for a VoIP provider for your hotel, you’ll find a wide variety of options — from enormous multinational companies to small, focused providers and everything in between. Choosing the right provider for your hotel can be tricky, but don’t worry: Phonesuite provides the perfect balance between the focused attention of a small provider and the capabilities of a larger company.

The Problem With Large VoIP Companies

Phonesuite was built from the ground up specifically for the hospitality industry. This makes us unique among large VoIP providers, most of which also service office buildings, hospitals, universities, and other large companies that need the advantages of a VoIP MLTS. 

This means that If you sign up with another large provider, the challenges and priorities of these companies are unique, and a large company has to dedicate time and resources to servicing those distinctive needs. This means you’re likely to be paying for features your hotel doesn’t need as part of a large provider’s service package and not getting necessary hotel specific functions. It also means that they can’t dedicate the same amount of energy to the particular pain points of the hotel industry, so they won’t be able to meet your needs as thoroughly.

The Problem With Small VoIP Companies

At the other end of the spectrum are dedicated, small-scale VoIP providers dedicated to the hotel industry. These providers might have the focus on hotels that you need, but they generally don’t have the resources to scale with you, set up a phone system across multi-property hotel chains, or to make changes quickly.

The Phonesuite Difference

Phonesuite has been servicing hotels — and only hotels — for more than 30 years, installing and managing their systems in more than 6,500 hotels of all sizes and service levels across the globe. With a singular focus on hotels, they’ve been able to keep abreast of the technological changes and developments that are driving the hospitality industry forward — features like tight PMS integrations and voicemail to email for hotel staff, to name just two  — and incorporate them into software and service offerings.

Additionally, they have also embraced cloud services and Software as a Service (Saas) as the future of communications for hotels everywhere, centralizing computing power and IT services and saving clients thousands of dollars on pricey capital expenditures to install on-site PBX hardware.

If your hotel grows, you open a new location, or you’re running a hotel chain with thousands of rooms across multiple locations, you’ll need a communications provider that can scale with you. Phonesuite has ample experience with just such properties, including Hilton, Marriott, IHG, and Wyndham hotels, just to name a few.

Finally, Phonesuite has the dedication and attention to comply with any new regulations that might affect the way hotels handle phone calls. Most recently, Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’S Act completely changed the way that emergency calls are handled in hospitality communications solutions. Phonesuite was among the first to release major software patches to incorporate the new requirements.

Whether you’re running a small boutique hotel or a luxury full-service resort, Phonesuite will put together a suite of services that’s tailored for your hotel’s specific needs. Curious about the cost? Contact us today.

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