Small Hotel/ Motel Phone Systems

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When small hotels or motels begin the search for a new telephone system, they are often overwhelmed by the information to be found on the internet. Many hospitality flags, such as IGH, Best Western, Choice, and Marriott do have preferred vendors, which can make the selection a little simpler. CSM South suggests sticking to the preferred brands, which are nearly universally PhoneSuite and Mitel. We work with both products, but are unashamed with our bias towards PhoneSuite for nationally flagged properties. For boutique, independent, or smaller flags such as Magnuson Worldwide, it is also possible to purchase the NEC SL2100 product line which has a nice hotel/ motel software addition. Let’s take a look at the products by providing a closer look at them, which should help your hotel decide on the correct phone system to install.

The NEC SL2100 is a well designed product to consider for a small hotel or motel. Below is a chart detailing the maximum capabilities of the phone system. A quick glance will show why the NEC Sl2100 is well suited to the small hotel/ motel telephone system market. With a maximum of 256 ports, and out of that a max 96 analog extensions (room telephones), the NEC can scale to cover a smaller property, but cannot be expanded to accept additional extensions or lines.

Number of Chassis123
Total Ports256
Trunk Ports
IP Trunk (SIP/H.323)244872
Extension Ports
Multi-Line Telephone (MLT)244872
Single Line Telephone (SLT)326496
IP Terminal112112112
DSS Console121212
Door phone666
Virtual Extension Port505050
External Paging333
External MOH111
Ethernet Port111
Analog Modem111

With the included telephony ports detailed above, staff can make pages over paging systems, access external phones such as poolside analog telephones, employ the relay for remotely opening doors, and so much more!

Some of the hotel/ motel features included in the software package are:

  • Guests can customize services
    • Messaging
    • Wake Up calls
    • Do not Disturb
  • Staff will be able to
    • Integrate with many PMS systems, or use the optional NEC InHotel PMS Software
    • Monitor room status
    • Restrict toll and long distance
    • Review call detail reporting

The NEC SL2100 is a simple, cost effective phone system for the small hotel/ motel marketplace. CSM South has installed these in many locations throughout Florida and Texas form our HQ’s in Tampa and Austin. If you own or manage a small hotel/ motel, contact us today to learn more about the NEC SL2100.

Our Hotel Phone System Product tampa austin sarasota

PhoneSuite Voiceware is our primary product for hotels requiring in excess of 96 rooms , a more robust PMS integration, or their hotel brand has PhoneSuite as one of their preferred vendors or as required equipment.

Built using the latest VoIP technology, Voiceware is designed specifically for hotel use. It is based on an open standards platform to further protect your investment by not tying your hotel phone system to a proprietary platform, and to facilitate new features and functionality as technology continues to evolve. CSM is fully certified to sell and service PhoneSuite’s PBX 64, 112, 112e, and Voiceware hotel phone system technology throughout Florida, Texas, and the USA. Regarding the Voiceware, features include:

For Your Guests:

  • Wakeup calls and voicemail prompts are delivered in the guest’s native language – with additional options including scheduling of daily, weekend only, and weekday only. Wakeup messages can include the weather forecast, snooze, and transfer to room service options.
  • Extensive guest information, automated answering, automated messaging, and voicemail.
  • Check out from room phone option (requires property management system with remote check out interface enabled).
  • Compatible with all hotel guest phone speed dial buttons, whether SIP or analog.

For Your Front-Desk:

  • Powerful browser-based console offers more functionality and an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
  • Find guests or staff easily by name, then one click to call or transfer a call.
  • Pop-up screen of guest information any time you answer a guest’s call including name, native language, VIP status, group affiliation, outbound dialing permissions, wake-up calls and more.
  • Setting wake-up calls is intuitive and fast with a complete activity log to see who set, answered or canceled wake-up calls.
  • Integrates with all known Property Management Systems.

For Your Staff:

  • Ability to run full-featured SIP phones from a variety of manufacturers, including soft phones.
  • Extensive find me / follow me capabilities.
  • Voicemail to email forwarding.
  • Ability to handle multiple calls simultaneously.
  • Unlimited call / staff groupings, ring groups, and role-based queues.
  • Automatic or on-demand staff call recording.
  • Unlimited number of extensions.

As you can see, PhoneSuite Voiceware is uniquely positioned as a high quality, extremly feature rich hotel phone system, specifically designed and engineered for hospitality. CSM South has installed PhoneSuite in many different hotel brads such as Choice, Best Western, IHG, Marriott, and independent operators.

CSM South is based in Tampa,Fl and Austin, TX from where we sell and install new phone systems, both cloud and premise, and service existing telephone systems.