Looking to Switch ShoreTel Partner’s?

Looking to Switch ShoreTel Partner’s?

How to Switch ShoreTel Partners

What should you do when your ShoreTel vendor either goes out of business, fails to meet their requirements with ShoreTel so are removed from their Authorized Vendors, or simply decides to no longer service the product? Actually, the process is fairly simple and straight forward.

Switching your ShoreTel Partner in Tampa or Austin

Since CSM South has become a ShoreTel partner in Tampa more than five years ago, we have had over a dozen customers come to us in our area looking for a new ShoreTel VoIP PBX partner. We easily and happily take them on. To make the switch to CSM simply:

  • Compose a letter on your companies letterhead explaining that you would like CSM to take over your service from your current vendor. Sign the letter and scan into an email
  • Send this letter to shorecareadmin@shoretel.com as an attachment
  • From there, it usually takes about 2- 7 days to switch vendors.
  • That’s it!

As you can see, changing your Partner of Record with ShoreTel is rather simple. CSM has handled this process along with clients for several years now and is familiar with how to expedite the forms. If you  need more information or would like somebody to walk you through the process over the phone or via email, contact us today!

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