SIP Trunks – are we there yet?

Almost every person in business has heard about delivering their telephone service over the internet. This service is called SIP Trunks. Essentially it is as it sounds, telephone lines, or “trunks” delivered over the internet rather than copper lines like we looked at in a  previous post. This type of service has been around for over 10 years, but until the prevalence of fiber optic and high speed data internet services it just did not work well. The fact of the matter is that people are used to their telephone lines working all the time, and when one relies on the public internet there are more possibilities for issues. If you have a high speed data circuit (fiber optic, cable, etc.) then SIP trunks could be an option for your business.

SIP trunks cost anywhere from $1 a month plus usage fees to $50 a month for unlimited everything. These different options can be great for different applications. Typically the metered SIP trunks are great for businesses that do not use the phone a lot, or for backup lines in case your other service is down. The unlimited lines are great for businesses that are on the phone a lot, especially long distance.

CSM represents several SIP trunk carriers, let us see if this service may be right for your business.

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