Avaya IP Office V9- Why you Should Upgrade Now

The current version of the Avaya IP Office, V9, has been on the market now for two years. Even with the passing of time, we have customers asking us, “what’s new” or “why should I upgrade to V9?”

Avaya 1416 Business Phone

Avaya 1416 Business Phone

In order to address some of queries, we have loaded a Avaya IP Office White Paper detailing the changes and additions that were made to V9. [download id=”2053″]

In addition to the feature changes and enhancements, businesses should always be aware that if they are running old software they are opening themselves up to security risks, down time, and other less than desirable, business affecting problems. When your phone system is up to date, manufacturer support is completely available and offered. Tech support is simpler as you are dealing with current versions, instead of hoping the tech on the phone is familiar with your particular version. CSM highly recommends upgrading your Avaya IP Office to V9 if you are running a lower software.

Contact us today to discuss this in more detail!

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  1. James R. on July 9, 2015 at 9:42 am

    Is the upgrade to V9 easy? Do I need a tech to assist?

    • Mark on July 9, 2015 at 9:45 am

      Thank you for the question, James. It all really depends on several factors:

      *What software version are you running now?
      *Are you on Avaya IP Office 400 or 500?
      *How comfortable are you with the management software?

      Depending on your answers to the above, you may be able to handle it yourself. Feel free to call in and we can try to walk you through the steps.

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