New Phone Systems in Tampa, FL

02 Mar

New Phone Systems in Tampa, FL

CSM South has been in the business of installing telephone systems for over 30 years, but did you know that we were started right here, in Tampa, Fl., where we maintain our corporate office? Yup. From humble beginnings in 1984, CSM South has deployed thousands of telephone systems, starting with analog and digital PBX’s and evolving into the VoIP systems of today.

Over the years we have represented a range of different telephone system manufacturers including:

  • Inter-Tel (bought by Mitel)
  • Siemens (sold the telecom division and divested of it)
  • Nortel (absorbed by Avaya)
  • GTE/ Tadiran (left the US market)
  • ShoreTel (bought by Mitel)
  • Comdial (bankrupt in tech bust of 2004)
  • Vodavi (acquired by Vertical in 2006)

Our current product line of premise based equipment consists of:

  • Mitel
  • Avaya
  • NEC
  • PhoneSuite

For cloud based VoIP service, we have access to several dozen companies, but find ourselves returning time and again to Mitel and GoTo Connect. Both products offer legendary reliability, a huge range of features, and are solid companies to work with.

When your business is looking for a new telephone system whether VoIP, traditional, cloud, or premise, consider CSM South. We would be happy to talk about our options, products, and how partnering with us is the best choice you can make!