T1/PRI – is it right for my buisiness phone system?

We get this question a lot, people in Tampa and Austin are curious if a PRI is still the right choice for their business. First, let’s take a look at what a T1 or PRI is. T1 and PRI are essentially the same type of service for our conversation here, there are some differences, but hey are negligible to our conversation now. Basically a T1 or PRI is a voice circuit that can carry up to 24 telephone lines to your business. Typically pricing is around $350-$750 depending on the part of the country you are in and how much service the carrier has in your location. These types of circuits typically attach to your communications system via a PRI interface, but the carrier can also install a converter to make your communications system think the circuit is POTS lines or SIP trunks (we will delve into those in another post).

Generally a T1/PRI becomes cost effective once you have 8 or more copper telephone lines. Another benefit other than the cost is the ability to have an essentially unlimited amount of telephone numbers associated with your account. So, while a PRI enables up to 24 lines, or talk paths, you can have hundreds of telephone numbers associated with your account. This enables businesses to give their employees direct telephone numbers that can ring their telephone directly, rather than ringing a reception position or automated attendant voice mail. Businesses also use these numbers for job lines, information lines, and any other number of applications.

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