Office Phone Systems for Small Business

Since 1984, CSM has been providing sales and service of office phone systems for small, medium, and large businesses. From our head office in Tampa, and our field offices in Jacksonville, Ft Myers, and regional center of Austin, TX, we service 17 different states.

The products that we offer are from tried and true manufacturers and providers such as Mitel/ ShoreTel, Avaya, NEC, PhoneSuite hospitality phone systems, and cloud providers such as Mitel Cloud Connect, Jive, and others.

When clients ask us, “well, which phone system is best for my small business?” we have to say, “it depends!” This is not sales speak, this really is true! Each manufacturer has different niches that they play best in. Let’s take a closer look at our products and the space that they play best in.

Avaya is a converged product, which simply means that it can handle traditional digital phones and also VoIP. So, if a client needs digital phones for their phone system, then that is an excellent enterprise grade phone system that scales well down to a dozen or so telephones. Also, it does exceptionally well when multiple analog devices are being employed, such as in long term care/ retirement facilities. Typically, our customers choose the 1400 series of business phones, but sometimes they choose to reuse their Nortel t7316 or T7208 telephones. Please let us know if you are considering utilizing your existing Nortel phones so that we can equip the system properly!

NEC, while also a converged phone system like Avaya, is positioned best for the small office who needs a traditional feature set. The NEC Sl2100 is commonly referred to as a “key” system in our industry, indicating the telephones have various programmable “keys” or buttons for features. While capable of CO, T-1/ PRI, or SIP lines, CSM usually positions the NEC SL2100 on traditional copper lines, utilizing our other products for the other line service types. The telephones available for the NEC come in 12 Office Phone Systemsand 24 button flavors, and in black or silver. Additionally there is also a portable DECT telephone and large screen desk phone options. The photo at right shows the NEC family of business phones available today.

For premise based business phone systems, we also offer Mitel/ ShoreTel and PhoneSuite, but these are more effective for sites larger than 24 (Mitel) or hospitality (PhoneSuite).

In today’s small business phone system market, cloud based products are making MAJOR headway. CSM offers both Mitel Cloud Connect and Jive as our two primary products, along with several other niche players such as 8×8 and Megapath. Contact CSM to learn more about Cloud based VOIP and if it is right for your small business.


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