Welcome KTM Customers! CSM and KTM Communications have joined forces to create a stronger company in Austin. What does this mean for KTM customers? First, it means that you still will receive great service from the knowledgeable technicians and engineers that you are used to seeing and have grown to trust. Second, it means that you will be able to leverage the products and support of a larger company, CSM. KTM and CSM are excited about this opportunity and look forward to meeting you, our new partners face to face.

About CSM:
CSM Texas was founded by a core team of professionals with a vision to provide service excellence and best-of-breed solutions to corporations of every size. CSM’s national growth has been steady and sustainable, a testament to the completeness and correctness of the firm’s vision and mission and its ongoing success in meeting its goals. In addition to 27 years of installing and maintaining voice, data network and security solutions, CSM Texas offers best-in-class equipment manufactured by ShoreTel, Avaya, and HP, just to name a few.

About KTM:
KTM Communications has over 100 years combined experience in the telecom and network industry with clients in semi-conductor equipment manufacturing, insurance, banking, publishing and automotive sectors. KTM Communications’ trademark of fair prices, fast responses, flexibility and total satisfaction has earned us many long-term contracts with local as well as national companies – ranging from small offices to a 3,000 plus person campus.

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