Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing is one of those ideas that businesses have been interested in for years. But there were two main factors that kept busiensses from implementing a comprehensive solution. The major factor was cost, they were just too expensive to implement for the average business. The second factor was connectivity, how was the business going to connect their remote sites/workers to the headquarters/

These two factors are now alleviated due to the development of SIP based video conferencing. The comparable low costs and ubiquitous high bandwidth of  the modern office has allowed even small businesses to implement a comprehensive video solution.

Do you have multiple offices or disparate vendors/users/employees? If so you know that costs to travel are rising, or even with some costs falling your bottom line could use a boost from reduced travel expenses – not to mention making your office more “green”. What would it mean to your business to be able to immediately communicate and not waste valuable time and money traveling.? Most businesses see a return on their investment in less than one year.

For more information on CSM’s suite of video solutions see our product page here: Virtual Presence

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