Hotel Phone Systems Checklist

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Six years ago(!), we made our first list of 8 things to keep in mind when searching for a hotel or hospitality phone system and what to consider when weighing the differences between cloud and premise products. This week, we made some updates to that page because things have matured drastically since 2015! The PhoneSuite…

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GoTo Connect Mobility Features

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For many people in the workforce, the ability to be connected to an office, whenever and wherever they choose, has become more important by the day. Cloud VoIP telephone systems by GoTo Connect are able to give that function easily and cost effectively to any business or organization. GoTo Connect, powered by Jive, includes a…

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VoIP Telephones- Without a Network Cable?

Businesses who are looking to upgrade to a new cloud based VoIP telephone system often wonder if they can reuse any of their network cables for the voice, along with the existing data network. The answer is, happily, “yes”! However, what about locations in the building that do not currently have a data cable but…

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