So what’s the deal with VoIP Phone Systems?

VoIP Phone Systems as a Communications Tool

As a telecom re-seller who has been in the business for over 30 years, CSM knows a thing or two about VoIP Phone systems and how they should be utilized as a business phone system. From the bleeding edge to what is now the mundane, VoIP has gone from merely a buzzword to being the standard in modern communications platforms. Standard features of a VoIP business phone system include:

  • Mobility- the ability to connect your desk phone with your cell/ home/ you-pick-the-device
  • Computer Integration- having your computer be a naturally integrated part of your desktop device
  • Price- the price of VoIP systems has come down so much that they are now no more expensive, and often less than, traditional digital systems.

The main brands of VoIP phone systems that CSM installs in Tampa, Austin, Naples, and the rest of Florida and Texas are ShoreTel and Avaya. Check out our pages for more info on either system. For hotel phone systems, we carry the award winning PhoneSuite product line, concentrating on the pure VoIP VoiceWare platform.


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