Small Business Telephone Systems

02 Jun

Small Business Telephone Systems

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Communications Systems Management has been installing, servicing, and deploying new telephone systems since 1984. Our clients include a wide range of businesses from small, mom and pop establishments to large corporate environments. From our head office in Tampa, and our field offices in Jacksonville, Ft Myers, and regional center of Austin, TX, we service 17 different states.

When we meet with customers, we commonly get asked, “well, which phone system is best for my small business?” we have to say, “it depends!” This is not sales speak, this really is true! Each manufacturer has different niches that they play best in. Let’s take a closer look at our products and the space that they play best in.

For small business customers, CSM South offers a variety of products. Our reasoning for this is that there is rarely a “one size fits most” when it comes to telecom, and different phone systems accommodate different businesses. Customers can be sure, however, that every product that we install comes from a tried and true manufacturer or VoIP provider such as NEC, Avaya, PhoneSuite hospitality phone systems, and cloud providers such as Mitel Cloud Connect, GoTo Connect, and others.

NEC New Telephone System

One of our most popular new phone systems to install in small businesses is the NEC SL2100 as it is perfectly positioned for the small office who needs a traditional feature set, while still preparing or utilizing VoIP technology. The NEC Sl2100 is commonly referred to as a “key” system in our industry, indicating the telephones have various programmable “keys” or buttons for features. While capable of CO, T-1/ PRI, or SIP lines, if you are unsure which type of line service is best for your small business, we are happy to consult and offer our opinion based on price vs functionality and reliability.

The digital telephones available for the NEC come in 12 and 24 button flavors, and in black or silver. For VoIP, NEC makes a beautiful self labelling telephone which operates simply and elegantly. Additionally there is also a portable DECT telephone with standard office or rugged case.

Avaya New Telephone Systems

Avaya is commonly known as a converged product, which simply means that it can handle traditional digital phones and also VoIP. So, if a client needs a high quantity of digital telephones for their phone system, then that is an excellent enterprise grade product that scales down to a dozen or so handsets. Also, it does exceptionally well when many analog devices are being employed, such as in long term care/ retirement facilities or manufacturing environments. Typically, our customers choose the 1400 series of business phones, but sometimes they choose to utilize another product from the wide range of choices such as the 1600 VoIP telephones.

While Avaya IP Office is well positioned for the SMB phone system market, it can grow with you to support over 1,000 users across 32 different sites, ensuring ample room for business expansion. As your business needs evolve, Avaya IP Office can add advanced unified communications or contact center capabilities, increasing productivity and customer satisfaction. With Avaya’s many partner relationships, you can also choose from over 170 innovative third-party software applications to enhance your solution deployment.

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Other Phone System Products from CSM South

For premise based business phone systems, we also offer Mitel and PhoneSuite, but these are more effective for sites larger than 24 (Mitel) or hospitality (PhoneSuite).

Cloud Based VoIP Phone Systems from CSM South

In today’s small business phone system market, cloud based products are making MAJOR headway. CSM offers both Mitel Cloud Connect and GoTo Connect as our two primary products, along with several other niche players.

There was a time when businesses deployed a cloud based product purely based on cost. It was a trade off- cell phone type quality for lower monthly phone bills. But no more! Cloud based telephone services make your business more efficient and easier to manage. They replace existing legacy phone equipment with a cloud hosted PBX, which means your desk and smart phones work together and can be managed from your web browser or a mobile app. Cloud phone systems make it easier for your customer to contact your teams, turn any location (even home office workers) into a workplace and reduce your current expenses. And those old problems with quality of service (QOS), jitter, or dropped calls? Those are a thing of the past. As long as businesses choose trusted vendors and have a company like CSM handle the transition, those potential pitfalls can be avoided.

Mitel Cloud

Mitel, a trusted name in telecom since the dawn of the PBX, has successfully integrated the ShoreTel Connect Cloud solution into their product portfolio and have branded it as MiCloud Connect. Delivered over a private connection or your existing internet service, Mitel MiCloud Connect provides the absolute highest experience. Licencing in the Mitel Cloud is also simple. There are several choices, offering flexibility to make the appropriate choice and only pay for the services any particular user or location requires. Many of the features which are included in the higher level licenses can be purchased on an individual basis such as Contact Center, Always on Recording, Follow Me, Scribe, etc. 

  • Voicemail– As the name implies, is simply a voicemail only license used for information boxes, job lines, etc.
  • Courtesy– This license is used for locations such as break rooms, hall phones, etc. It only includes 200 minutes of calling, after this it runs at a metered rate.
  • Telephony– Users who require a phone, voicemail, and unlimited calling, but not the PC client or more than 3 party conferencing fit comfortably in the Telephony License.
  • Essential– Everything that is in Telephony is included in Essential, with the addition of 8 party conferencing and the award winning Mitel Connect Client software.
  • Premier– Building on Essential, the Premier License includes all of the above, with the expansion of conferencing to 25 parties, the ability to record calls, and the integration of various CRM software such as Salesforce and Microsoft.
  • Elite– With 100+ party conferencing, always on recording, and a host of additional included features, the Elite License is the most “inclusive” option available.

GoTo Connect

loud provider GoTo Connect is one of the best cloud VoIP providers. The GoTo Connect solution is robust and supports multiple SIP telephones that can be deployed worldwide. GoTo Connect really shines for small and medium sized businesses that are willing to make a small up-front investment in the SIP telephones and have a solid voice solution.

Work from anywhere:
GoTo enables your workforce to work from anywhere they have an internet connection. Home. Office. Hotel. On the road. Anywhere they are – they are connected.

Some users choose to have a physical phone at their home office- easy to do with GoTo! Other people like to utilize the GoTo Connect app on their smartphone, included with every GoTo user license. Finally, some choose the softphone, a software device that uses a laptop or desktop computers speakers and microphone. Whichever option works for your employees they are free to use, call it a mix and match approach to VoIP telephony!

All the features:
GoTo has all the features you need and want for your business to thrive.

Analytics? Check. From basic reporting to robust packages, GoTo Connect has a wide range of reporting options that can provide information on “cradle to grave” call flow, call queues and other functions.

Voicemail to email? Check. Receive your voice mails in your email inbox. Even more cool,. you can have the system transcribe the voicemail into a text email!

Conference bridge? Oh Yeah! GoToConnect has a powerful, included conference bridge that also includes video conferencing and scheduled calls.

Mobility integration with your Smartphone:

Using the included GoTo Connect app, callers can take calls, make calls, setup audio and video conferences, and complete telephone related duties as if they were in the office. Users can even seamlessly switch from the app  to their VoIP desk phone, at any moment. Talk about flexibility! 

 Oh, and a ton more features too.

GoTo Connect operates on a wide variety of SIP telephones from trusted manufacturers such as Poly (formerly Polycom), Yealink, and Grandstream. 

Contact CSM to learn more about Cloud based VOIP and if it is right for your small business.