ShoreTel ST200 VOIP Voice Switch

ShoreTel ST200 VOIP Voice Switch

ShoreTel 200 VoIP Appliance

Proud to be a ShoreTel partner since 2009, CSM is excited about the new ST switches from ShoreTel.  On focus today is the ShoreTel 200; this switch is not a placement for the previous ShoreGear 220T-1A, rather it is an innovative expansion of that appliances capabilities.

ShoreTel ST200 VOIP Appliance

ShoreTel ST200 VOIP Appliance Handles up to 200 VoIP Phones



The ShoreTel Connect Voice Switch 200 supports up to 200 IP Phones, 2 Analog Ports, 12 Make Me Conference Ports and power fail transfer. The ST200 does not offer trunking capabilities, however. For many of our customers, this switch is the primary VoIP Appliance for operating the telephones.

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