ShoreTel Rejects Takeover Bids from Mitel, who Then Stops Pursuing ShoreTel

20 Nov
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ShoreTel Rejects Takeover Bids from Mitel, who Then Stops Pursuing ShoreTel

Mitel has Removed its Bid to Purchase ShoreTel

As a ShoreTel dealer in Tampa and Austin, CSM South has been acutely watching the developing situation between ShoreTel and Mitel. After two bids for Mitel to purchase it’s American rival, and the subsequent rejection of both bids, Mitel has announced that it will cease pursuing a merger. CSM South is pleased with these developments for several reasons:

  • ShoreTel’s rejection of the bids signals belief in their product as superior to Mitel’s– they are literally putting their money where their mouth is.
  • With the Mitel withdrawal, any idea that a ShoreTel product would be at risk of being discontinued by the new combined company is now removed.
  • Here in Florida and Texas, Mitel dealers were using the potential merger to fear-monger with customers in an attempt to persuade them that ShoreTel equipment was an unwise purchase. The double rejection by the Board of Directors clearly shows that management and investors believe in the company and see strong growth for ShoreTel.
  • The strength of the ShoreTel VoIP product line was closely looked at by industry insiders and consultants once the potential merger was announced. It was generally found that ShoreTel had a superior premise based and could based product line as compared to Mitel.

With 2015 right around the corner, CSM South is excited about the future of VoIP phone systems in Tampa and Austin. We are proud to remain a ShoreTel dealer; Mitel can bite the dust!

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