Review of the Avaya 1403 Phone Service on IP Office

Review of the Avaya 1403 Telephone for Business Phone Systems


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Avaya, a leader for VoIP communications, purchased Nortel in 2008.


Avaya handily wins the first place for sales in digital/ VoIP hybrid systems with the award winning Avaya IP Office. CSM sells and installs this system in all our markets. After purchasing Nortel in 2008, Avaya has migrated their customer base to the IP Office, replacing the former Nortel BCM, AT&T Partner, and Avaya IP Office V1 product lines. The 1400 series of phones is the main family which is designed to operate on the Avaya IP Office telephone system.


The Avaya 1403 is Designed to work on the Avaya IP Office

Unlike the companion phones in the 1400 family, the Avaya 1403 is specifically designed to only operate on the Avaya IP Office. Avaya describes the telephone as appropriate for areas which require a phone but only basic functions such as break rooms, common areas, or jobs where the phone receives less interaction with the employee. The Avaya 1403 has three(3) programmable buttons beneath the LCD screen of the phone which can be used as line appearance, dss/ blf, or feature keys. In the center of the phone are six (6) pre- programmed function keys including Redial, Conference, Hold, Transfer and other commonly used features.  Beneath the dial pad are the audio function keys of Speaker, volume, and Mute.

Avaya 1403 phone for the Avaya IP Office

Avaya 1403 Digital Phone for the IP Office Phone System




Conclusion on the Avaya 1403

The new Avaya 1403 is a perfect phone for the basic user, common area, or other locations or job functinos with similiar descriptions. If a user requires more functionality off of their Avaya phone, then they should consider the bigger brothers the, 1408 or the 1416. The beauty of Avaya is that they have actually designed a phone which will satisfy the needs for low function areas of their customers without sacrificing attractive design, ease of use, and basic functionality. Avaya has you covered with a simple to use phone that will be an easy transition for users. But if you are not quite ready to upgrade, CSM can service Nortel, Norstar, and Meridian systems until you are.

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