Florida Medical Clinic is a multi-specialty group of physicians, surgeons
and healthcare providers that use a team approach to provide area
residents with the latest advances in patient and medical research.
Florida Medical Clinic provides a full range of services such as MRI and
X-ray to specialties like cardiology, gastroenterology, orthopedics and
Florida Medical Clinic (FMC), created in 1993, was the first clinic in our
area to merge primary care physicians with multi-specialty physicians in
an effort to provide the best medical treatment and education for area
families. Today, they have grown to over 80 doctors combined with over
700 highly skilled medical professionals in 20 specialties to offer a
network of medical support for the West Florida community.
In 1993, FMC’s C.E.O., Joe Delatorre, selected CSM to provide the first
of many telephone systems. CSM was able to make a business case for
the scalable and sustainable deployment of the Vertical Networks (then
Comdial Corporation) telecommunications platform. “CSM was the best
choice based on the scope of their offering and the low TCO they were
proposing.” said Joe Delatorre, “We have exceeded our initial
expectations by a multiple factor during the past fifteen years that they
have been our vendor. To say that I am pleased with our investment
with them would be an understatement.” Over the years, CSM has
upgraded and deployed new technology and services to meet FMC’s
need and timetable as they continue their success and growth.

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