Phone Systems for Assisted Living Facilities

VOIP and Phone Systems for

Assisted Living

CSM, based in Tampa, Fl. is no stranger to working with Assisted Living Facilities. For over a decade, we have made it a specialty of ours. Blending Hospitality and business features, the Assisted Living market is a growing vertical in Florida,Texas, and even the Alabama/ Mississippi regions.

CSM offers several products that satisfy the needs of the ALF market. On the functional but price sensitive end there is the no- nonsense NEC SL2100. This telephone system carries all the features that businesses have become used to over the maturation of digital phone system technology. however, it is meant for smaller installations and those without a lot of higher end functions.

A little higher on the scale would be Avaya IP Office. Extremely reliable, functional, and scales to over 500 stations, the Avaya IP Office is a solid choice. Additionally, it is capable of using digital phones, which can save on infrastructure investments if a cable plant is already in place.

A pure VoIP system we install is the PhoneSuite VoiceWare platform; capable of handling literally hundreds of analog phones and interacting with PMS systems, the PhoneSuite is a solid option for ALF.

If you are an assisted living facility, please contact CSM today to learn about the options and select a system that fits your budget, needs, and desired functionality.

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