Panasonic Phone System Needing Service?

Panasonic Phone System Needing Service?

Panasonic Makes Phone Systems?

While surprising to many businesses in the Tampa Bay area and Austin Capitol Region, Panasonic does still manufacture new phone systems. Probably the most common PBX sold by Panasonic is the KX-TDA600 digital telephone system. It is capable of supporting VoIP protocols via insertion of a VoIP card into the phone system, but it is digital based. The price point of the system is very low, which makes it attractive to the small business. CSM has never sold Panasonic and does not currently service the system, but we felt it would be important to discuss on our blog as we have seen a few of the KX-T Panasonic systems around town recently.

Many businesses make a value purchase when they are small and as they grow, end up requiring additional features or functionality that the Panasonic phone system is just not able to provide. There is not necessarily anything wrong with this approach, but often consumers are unaware that other phone systems, such as ShoreTel and Avaya, have packages geared for the small business and can therefor compete very favorably with the lower tier manufacturers such as Panasonic, Toshiba, or Samsung. We have seen this several times recently here in Tampa where a new customer calls us to request a quote, not believing that we could offer a competitive solution which will also provide big- business features.  Similiar stories have unfolded in Austin with the same ersult.

Contact CSM today to learn more about ShoreTel, Avaya, and TransTel and how they can fit into your small business phone system purchase!

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