Mitel MiCloud Connect VoIP Phone System Licenses and their Differences

Mitel MiCloud Connect VoIP Phone System Licenses and their Differences

In the world of VoIP, if it seems like every manufacturer or service provider has a different model or way of pricing their products, then you really are onto something, because they do! Mitel, however, tries to keep things simple by having an easy to understand menu of choices. The basic five licenses, Voicemail, Courtesy, Telephony, Essential, Premier, and Elite all come with a predetermined amount of features and inclusive items. Any of the VoIP licenses can have additional not included features added as an a la carte option.

Typically, new customers who are considering a cloud VoIP product, utilize a mix of the different licenses. Let’s take a closer look at the typical users for each:

Voicemail– This license is simply a voicemail box used for taking messages but without a phone attached. Many clients use this for a job line where applicants can listen to a recorded message describing the position and then can leave a message of their own in reply with their contact information. Other companies use it for general boxes that might be shared by a team such as a sales group, service agents, or after hours box that is not assigned to any one user.

Courtesy– The Courtesy MiCloud license is aptly named. Generally, our clients use it for locations such as break rooms, lobby’s, or other general use areas; these are often described as “courtesy phones” or “house phones.” While this license does not have a voicemail, this is fine as typically courtesy phones would not have voicemail boxes anyways. Additionally, the amount of minutes are capped at 200 (overage can be purchased, of course). While this may seen like a detriment, the benefit is the cost, which is cheap compared to competitors who only offer “all inclusive” options, and the amount of minutes is usually sufficient for the intended locations of the phones attached to the Courtesy license.

Telephony– This is the license that offers all the functions of a typical telephone system. Voicemail, unlimited calling for local and LD, 3 party conferencing, and all the typical PBX phone system features.

Essential– Out of the five licenses available on the MiCloud Connect platform, Essential is the most popular. Not only does it include the standard voicemail, unlimited calling, and PBX/ Key system features, but it also builds on what is on the Telephony license by giving 8 party conferencing, the award winning Mitel Connect Client software, instant messaging, web conferencing, and a host of functional and user friendly applications.

Premier & Elite– These two final licenses are very similar to Essential, except they expand on several categories such as Conferencing, web sharing, archiving, and a few features that are given additional capacity over Essential. For a breakdown, please consult the table below. We often see them being added for conference rooms where more than 8 party conference calls need to be made.

Below is a table which provides at a quick glance some of the top features and explains whether or not they are included in a specific license. For more detailed information on the table or to view in a better resolution, please click here to go to the Mitel MiCloud Connect license explanation page.

MiCloud Connect Features and ApplicationsVoicemailCourtesyTelephonyEssentialsPremierElite
Direct Dial (DID) phone numberinbound only
Minutes per month (domestic outbound calls)inbound only200Unlimited 
(2000 in UK & AUS)
PBX features (different for each profile type)n/a
Connect Portal (end-user / administrative online interface)n/a
Connect Client (desktop app)
** features provided by this app are indicated below by **
Voicemail **n/a
Voicemail-to-email notification with WAV file **n/a
Audio Conferencing (a.k.a. Collaboration) **n/an/aad hoc 3-party8-party25-party100-party
Web Conferencing (desktop sharing) **n/an/an/a4-party25-party100-party
Instant Messaging (IM) **n/an/an/a
Presence (availability states) **n/an/an/a
Video Calling (peer-to-peer) **n/an/an/a
Video Collaboration (multi-party) **n/an/an/a8-party12-party24-party
Softphone **n/an/an/a
Outlook® integration **n/an/an/a
“Find Me” call routing options (a.k.a. “mobile extension”) **n/an/a
— Features & Applications Continued —VoicemailCourtesyTelephonyEssentialsPremierElite
Teamwork (collaboration app)n/an/an/a
Web Dialer / App Dialer (click-to-call capability)n/an/an/a
Connect for Chrome™ browser (UC integration w/ Google G Suite)n/an/an/a
Connect for Mobile (Android and iOS phones)n/an/an/a
Scribe (voicemail-to-email transcriptions)$n/a$$
Salesforce® and other CRM Integrationsn/an/an/a$
Connect Telephony for Microsoft®n/an/an/a
Operator for Connect Clientn/an/an/an/an/a
1 On Demand Call Recording (user initiates recordings)n/an/an/a*n/a*
1 Always On Call Recording (records all calls)n/an/a$$$
2 Archiving (7 years for IMs, audio/web conferences, and call recordings)n/an/a$$$
3 Fax (email-to-fax)n/an/a$$$$
3 Contact Centern/an/an/a$$$

1 On-Demand and Always-On Call Recording cannot co-exist for the same user (must select one type)
2 For users who do not have the Archiving feature, Mitel provides access to instant messages for 18 months, audio and web conference recordings for 3 months, and call recordings for 1 year. Elite profile users need to open a Support Case to activate the Archiving feature.
3 MiCloud Connect Contact Center is purchased separately. MiCloud Connect Fax is also purchased separately per Fax Number and is not dependent on any type of profile.

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