Lakeland and Polk County Continue to Grow!

11 May

Lakeland and Polk County Continue to Grow!

As the census figures start coming in, it is clear that more and more people are moving to Polk County and Lakeland, FL. Which is, of course, great news to CSM because those businesses that will expand or move into the region are going to need new phone systems and related infrastructure. The growth in the area is so high, in fact, that the Lakeland-Winter Haven metro area had the second highest rate of growth in the USA from July 2019- July 2020, a staggering 2.7%.

One of the attractive features of the area is that the location is right between two major metro areas, Tampa and Orlando (both cities where CSM does business and installs new telephone systems and services existing ones).

Additionally, many of the individuals who move to Polk County and Lakeland are pleased with the smaller downtown areas which are walkable and the easy access to businesses and services. The local governments have made a point to be welcoming to new businesses and to encourage existing ones to be successful.

However, with this new growth come challenges. Employees to fill open positions are currently in short supply with “hiring” sings visible in many retail and restaurant windows. Also, with the fast growth has come a shortage of affordable housing. Both issues are being addressed by local government through a range of programs and incentives.

CSM Installs new phone systems in Polk County, Florida

New phone systems in Lakeland

CSM is excited to be a part of the dynamic and fast paced growth which is transforming Central Florida and the Polk County/ Lakeland area in particular. Our wealth of knowledge when it comes to VoIP telephone systems and traditional phone systems contributes to the success of our clients in the region, a place where we have been operating since 1984.

Our customer in Lakeland/ Winter Haven include hotels where we have installed the award winning PhoneSuite PBX, retail establishments where we routinely deploy NEC phone systems, and corporate offices where Mitel Cloud products are the order of the day.

To learn more about CSM and our history and future with phone systems in Lakeland and Polk County, visit our location page here!

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