Avaya 1616 VoIP Phone Quick Reference Guide

How to Use the Avaya IP Office 1616 Phone


Avaya 1616 VoIP business phone system

Avaya 1616 Business Phone, Replacement for the Nortel T7316e

The Avaya 1616 is an easy to use phone created to work specifically on the Avaya IP Office. Please click below to download an easy to follow quick user guide or manual created by Avaya.


Avaya 1616 User Guide (Click link to download PDF)


CSM South has found that many of our customers prefer to use the Avaya 1616 instead of the smaller Avaya 1608 phone for VoIP implementations. The primary reason for this is that the 1616 costs only a small amount more than the 1608 but offers 8 additional buttons for features, station DSS or BLF, or line appearances.  When a customer is upgrading from a legacy telephone system such as a Lucent, AT&T, Nortel, Samsung or other product, they are typically used to having many buttons to access features, therefore the transition can be smoothed by utilizing a new phone that has  a similar amount of keys. Further, giving all users the same phone removes the possibility that some may be jealous of executives or other employees who may be given the larger version. Avaya attempts to create harmony in the workplace by giving the functional Avaya 1616 a reasonable price point.

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