Using Analog Speakers on a New VoIP Telephone System

Using Analog Speakers on a New VoIP Telephone System

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When businesses start their search for a new VoIP telephone system, one of the challenges they face is how to integrate existing infrastructure into the new VoIP environment. Until recently, paging systems were a major hurdle in this arena. Being analog devices, it was difficult to keep the infrastructure in place without a wholesale replacement of the speakers, which might be only a few years old.

Viking Electronics, a company that CSM South has been working with for nearly 30 years, has solved the problem with the new PSA-IP, a device to convert analog PA systems into VoIP enabled ones. No matter if the speaker is 8 Ohm, 25 Volt or 70 Volt – any option works with the new PSA-IP analog to IP speaker adapter.

“The PSA-IP adapter will be the go-to for customers looking for a cost-effective way to convert their existing analog paging speakers to SIP/multicast speakers.” – Greg Yocom, Engineering Manager, Viking Electronics

For amplification, the PSA-IP features a high-efficiency 6 Watt class D amplifier. This allows a single PSA-IP to power up to six paging speakers in a single paging zone providing approximately 1 Watt of paging power to each speaker, an ample amount of power and coverage for many applications.

Thankfully, installation is easy!  CSM will mount the PSA-IP magnetically to the back of an analog speaker magnet or to the 25/70V transformer mounting holes on the speaker frame, then we will connect the PSA-IP’s speaker output to the input of the speaker. Finally, CSM connects the PSA-IP to an open port on a PoE switch and uses Viking’s IP Programming software to enter SIP and network credentials.

After the quick conversion, the speaker can then be used for standard one-way SIP endpoint paging or multicast paging, removing the former need for costly and intrusive PA system replacements.

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A little about Viking Electronics:

Viking Electronics engineers and manufactures over 500 security and communication products in the USA. Products include Emergency Phones, Entry Systems, Paging Interfaces, Mass Notification Systems, Hotline Phones, Autodialers, Enclosures and more. In Addition to their extensive analog line, Viking offers a large selection of IP products that are SIP compliant. Based in Hudson, Wisconsin, Viking’s legacy of reliability and electronic innovation spans 50+ years. Viking builds products that are designed to last and they also offer many of their products with Enhanced Weather Protection. Offering free lifetime product support they also back their products with a two-year limited warranty. For more information, please visit: