What if all your phone calls were free?

“I’m thinking of going to a VoIP phone system because I want to make free phone calls.” Perhaps not surprisingly, this is a comment that we here at CSM hear very frequently. VoIP phone systems or VoIP phone lines have become so common in the marketplace that there is not only broad acceptance among the […]

01 Apr

Unify (Siemens Enterprise Communications) Certifications Renewed!

Beginning in 2001, Siemens Enterprise Communications, now called “Unify,” took on channel partners in order to increase their market share. CSM jumped at the opportunity and was a dedicated partner since signing up in 2001 until their purchase by an American investment firm in 2008. As of 2013, the name Siemens was replaced with Unify.  While […]

Hotel Phone System Revival in Austin Texas!

It’s a Hotel Phone System Revival in Austin Texas! Now that the Great Recession is firmly behind us, CSM South has noticed that hotels, inns, and other hospitality lodging customers are beginning to replace their old phone systems in the Austin Texas capitol region with something new. Many of these hotels are replacing aging Mitel […]

Avaya and ShoreTel for Business Phone System

Both of these world class manufacturers are based on VoIP protocols. ShoreTel is a pure VoIP system that cannot use digital sets while Avaya has the ability to add modules that can accept legacy Avaya & Nortel equipment. Each product has its own strengths which is why we carry both rather than only focusing on […]

ShoreTel Tampa and Mobility

Did you know that ShoreTel is making incredible inroads with mobility in the workplace? CSM and Shoretel can integrate a ShoreTel mobility router into a ShoreTel voice network – or almost any other VoIP network! What are you missing while you are out of touch with your clients? How much would your business gain from […]


Does your office use account codes to track calls that you need to bill to customers? This is a very common practice among certain industries and businesses such as accountants, lawyers, and other professionals. With ShoreTel you can leverage account codes and your reports to accurately track telephone calls coming into or out of your office and […]