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VOIP phone system for your hotel in Florida

New hospitality phone systems are based on VoIP, with PhoneSuite leading the way. The VoiceWare system is completely based on VoIP protocols, but is capable of utilizing traditional telephone lines from your local carrier, or SIP trunks from a number of certified partners such as VoiceCarrier. Additionally, it uses industry standard SIP telephones for offices […]

PhoneSuite for a Hotel Phone System

Primarily focusing on the hospitality industry, PhoneSuite is the preferred vendor for Choice International, Best Western, IHG, among others. Most of our clients come from using Mitel systems which have finally given our or do not offer specific features which are now required by their flag. CSM Phonesuite page

Austin, Dallas, Houston, and The Valley: Phonesuite

CSM is the premier Phonesuite vendor for the Southern USA, including Texas. CSM’s office in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and The Valley enable us to deliver unparallelled service throughout the state – including to the hospitality industry with our premier product, Phonesuite! Check out our page dedicated to Phonesuite and let us develop a quote for […]