Mitel Cloud in Florida & Texas

Mitel Cloud in Florida & Texas

CSM South, with offices in Tampa, FL. and Austin, TX. is exceedingly proud of our relationship with Mitel. We began selling new telephone systems from ShoreTel in 2010 and were very happy with their products, support, and ongoing service. In 2017, Mitel completed their purchase of ShoreTel, and we could not be more satisfied with the resulting company!

Mitel 6900 Series of Phones

Even though we began selling premise based systems from ShoreTel, and have continued selling the new Mitel Connect OnSite product line, we have seen a dramatic shift in the industry toward cloud products. Much of this shift is due to a change in the costing matrix from Mitel and other Cloud VoIP providers, and also to the maturity of data networks.

Pricing for Cloud VoIP products is broadly the same across the industry, generally ranging from a low of $14.99 per seat to a high of $29.00 per seat. On the low end, would be a basic phone with service and typically no voice mail; this type of license would usually be applied to a break room, courtesy telephone, or other basic location. On that higher end of the spectrum, would be a more executive type telephone with advanced features such as find me/ follow me mobility, call center, and conferencing of 10+ parties. In between are various other price points with different inclusions.

The download below details the different licenses, or “Profiles” as Mitel refers to them as, and what is included in each.

As you can see by the details, it is pretty easy to understand the differences between the profiles and exactly what is part of each. This is, of course, how Mitel does Cloud VoIP, but most carriers are similar in their approach.

In addition to pricing, the other major change in the cloud VoIP world has been the maturing of data networks and offerings. In the recent past, the highest data speeds many businesses could get was a low 1.5M over T-1! Shocking as that sounds, there was a time when that was considered lightening fast. Now, with products such as FiOS, Metro E, and other high speeds data offerings, up/down of over 500M is common place and affordable.

So, when many of our customers consider the costs associated with their current PRI/ T-1, service on their existing telecom, and long distance, which will all disappear, the monthly costs of Mitel MiCloud Connect VOIP are a clear and easy choice.

CSM is happy to provide all the information your business needs to make a sound decision on the new telephone system, whether that ends up as a premise or cloud based VoIP system. Give us a call today!

CSM South is based in Tampa, Fl and Austin, TX from where we sell, install, and service Mitel, Nortel, Avaya, and other telephone systems.