How to Write a Great Auto Attendant Greeting

When businesses or organizations are installing a new telephone system, or even just reorganizing how they like their call flow to take place, confusion often sets in on how to write a good auto attendant script. It needs to give the callers information in a timely manner without sounding rushed, while simultaneously directing them to the correct department or extension. So how can an Office Administrator or IT Manager navigate this task? CSM South would like to offer some assistance with some tips.

Tip 1

A good place to start when redoing your auto attendant is to consider the menus. An ideal menu is brief and directs a caller as quickly as possible to a live person in the correct department. Some businesses choose to have detailed choices from 1-9, with each button press a different department, but we have found that cumbersome and long winded. A better idea is to have two menus- a primary and a secondary. For instance, if you have multiple service queues or groups, have a choice in the primary menu for “Service” and then a secondary menu for the service options.

Thank you for calling JJB Services. If you would like Sales, press 2. For Service, press 3. For Accounting, press 4

[after 3 is chosen] For AC Service, press 2. For electrical service, press 3. For Plumbing service, press 4

Using this type of setup, callers do not have to listen to multiple choices which are not relevant to them. However, we must stress, after the second choice, ensure that the caller is directed to a live person. Clients really dislike endless menus in telephone systems!

Tip 2

A few general tips on writing your script would be helpful. First, button options not be called “dial.” Rotary phones have gone the way of bell bottoms and vinyl records; “press” is a better word choice. Also, your choices should not begin with the same number as your extensions. If your office extensions are 100, 101, 102, etc, then have your auto attendant choices begin with “2.” Otherwise, it is guaranteed that callers will inadvertently be connected to the wrong extensions.

Tip 3

After you have created a script, review it again! Make sure that it is clear and well written with easy to understand instructions. To hear how it sounds, call your own voice mail and then play back the message. Is it easy to understand and are the choices clear?

Tip 4

After you have written, proofread, and reviewed your script, it is time to choose who should make the recording. We suggest an individual who is capable of properly pronouncing words, enunciating correctly, and who has a nice cadence to their voice. Some companies choose CSM South to make their recordings for them in their phone systems auto attendant. We are very happy to do this if asked and can make recordings in English and Spanish.


And there you have it! Now you are prepared to write an engaging , easy to follow, and well spoken auto attendant for your company. If you need additional assistance, please contact CSM South!

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