How Phonesuite Partners With Hotels

Over the decades, Phonesuite has consistently produced outstanding products and services for hotels that improve hotel communications functionalities and their ability to satisfy their guests’ needs. Working with these hotels means so much more to us than simple transactional business, though. It’s hard to overstate how much we value the relationships with various hotels and hoteliers that we’ve cultivated over the years.

Our team dedicates itself to forming true partnerships with hotels, and we have dozens of real-life scenarios and stories that we could tell. What we’d like to do today is call on a few of our most memorable situations, which will give you a good idea of what we truly bring to the table.

Real-Life Scenario #1: Complete System Shutdown

It’s a hotelier’s worst nightmare: a complete shutdown. No matter when they occur, they’re always bad news, and they can have far-reaching consequences. In some scenarios, though, there can be additional issues that aren’t initially clear. One of our clients reached out to us because they found themselves in an panic-inducing situation when their non-Phonesuite phone system went down. There’s a regulation stating that each room must have an operable phone capable of dialing 911 in case of an emergency, so a system outage is unacceptable on many levels. Upon receiving the call, our team went to work immediately and was able to have a brand new Phonesuite system in place and operational in less than 48 hours.

Real-Life Scenario #2: Rebuilding Efforts Following a Hurricane

When a powerful hurricane struck Puerto Rico, it caused devastating damage to both residential and commercial structures. A large hotel property spanning many acres and multiple buildings was having extreme difficulty getting everything back up and running. Phonesuite’s solution was to institute a phased approach to assist them with their reconstruction process. We started by installing admin phones that were operational immediately so that they could conduct business properly. Then, once a portion of the property was ready to be re-opened, the hotel only paid for the installation and use of our communications system for those rooms. They continue to be in the reconstruction phase and our experts are closely monitoring the situation. As more rooms are re-opened, we will expand our services.

Real-Life Scenario #3: Non-Hospitality Phone System Is a Lemon

In a situation that is actually quite common (more than it should be), a hotel had purchased a non-hospitality phone system that turned out to be a lemon. The fact that it didn’t fit their needs was bad enough, but it also wasn’t operational. Since they had already spent money on the system, they were on a tight budget and couldn’t spend more cash on yet another brand-new system. Phonesuite was able to utilize the hardware they already had and then provided our Hosted Solution service to save them money and get them back up and running only two days after they contacted us.

Real-Life Scenario #4: Advance Work on New Construction

From time to time, Phonesuite tackles jobs where a physical structure doesn’t even exist yet. In one particular scenario, all we had was a build site for an upcoming hotel. Our team of communications experts dove right into the task and was able to get the property’s phone numbers in place, deploy a cloud solution, and route incoming calls so that the hotelier could begin conducting business prior to the full deployment of the communications system — or even a fully opened hotel! Then, once the hotel opened up for business, the transition went off without a hitch.

As you can see, Phonesuite truly values its partnerships, and we can tackle any problems that come up when dealing with a hotel’s communications needs. If you’re ready to get started or would like to learn more, contact our communications professionals today. We’ll assess your needs and find the right solution for your hotel.