Analog and VoIP Hotel Room Phones

What type of room phone is best for your hotel?

When it comes to hotel or hospitality room phones, there are MANY choices. However, they can at least be broadly grouped into two types. First, there are the traditional tried and true analog varieties. Second, there are the new VoIP options with everything from large color screens to integrated weather apps. So, for your hotel or inn, which type is best?

Perhaps the most important consideration is cost vs functionality. A VoIP Hotel Room Phonesstandard analog room phone will be functional and have basic speed dials to locations such as the restaurant, front desk, and housekeeping. Speed dial buttons range from 2 to as many as 14. The cost of an analog phone is generally very low- typically around $30.

If management, however, desires advanced features or -dare we say “beauty”- then VoIP room phones can fit the bill. The ability to add applications, or “Apps” to the phones is nearly unlimited and can include things such as the weather, in-house advertisements, photos, and nearly anything else. However, all this flash does come at a cost that can add up significantly. Not only is there a figure Yealink hotel room phoneassociated with the phone itself, but the programming to add applications (if desired), if not performed by hotel staff, can become remarkably high. Additionally, because these room phones are VoIP, they do need to operate on a data cable rather than a traditional CAT 3 phone cable. CSM can help identify if your hotel is ready for VoIP.

This is, of course, just a quick primer on how to choose a hotel room phone. Contact CSM to speak more about the options and the best choice for your hotel.

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